Upasika Dechen Zangmo
Upasika Dechen ZangmoPrésidente de l'Association TNG-SUISSE® depuis 2010
My first meeting with Lama Norbu Repa (former name of Lama Sangyay Tendzin) was very moving and difficult. These feelings and personal questions were extraordinary springboards and allowed me to engage in the path of Buddhism much more deeply than I would not have believed it. Pharmacy assistant and home help by training, I have always had the need to help others. Lama's teachings have enabled me to understand how and why it is essential to practice daily. I am very happy to be part of the Association TNG Suisse which offers help and group energy in order to work together for the good of all beings.
Upasaka Karma Palden Nordrub
Upasaka Karma Palden NordrubPropriétaire des lieux accueillant le temple de TNG-SUISSE®
Born in 1983. An agronomist, Fabrice manages the family farm inherited from his father, gradually transforming it into a natural educational space intended to promote well-being activities. With this in mind, Fabrice, alias Karma Palden Nordrub, welcomes the TNG-SUISSE® Buddhist Association, offering it access to the premises where it currently has its headquarters.
Upasika Karma Chödrön Wangmo
Upasika Karma Chödrön WangmoResponsable de la boutique TNG-SUISSE® depuis 2021
Mother of four children and wife of Palden (Fabrice Nanchen, opposite in image), French and arrived in Switzerland in 2007. Why did sacred Dharma enter my life? No doubt because it had to be like this! The aspiration for spirituality has always made my heart beat, certainly to find more meaning than what we see from the outside. The deep and sacred dimension of the texts thrill me without detour. The accuracy of a motivation based on love and kindness towards all beings is not bad for the world in which we live! The precious teachings of Lama Sangyay Tendzin lead me to confront myself and preconceived or ready-made ideas. A day passes so quickly, but it is not worth much if I have not managed to sit down to practice the Dharma.
Upasika Karma Wangchugma
Upasika Karma WangchugmaSecrétaire de l'Association TNG-SUISSE® puis Aide-comptable depuis 2011
Offering my energy, my strength, my good humor and my love for the benefit of all beings, this is my motto on the Dharma path.
Upasika Karma Thsulthrim Gyalmo
Upasika Karma Thsulthrim GyalmoWeb-design, graphist and illustrator, Vice-Présidente de l'Association TNG-SUISSE®
Always in search of correctness, truth, connection with ultimate wisdom and our common source, in everything I do in my life, my wish is that each being can be fully aligned with their divine nature. In my work and my relationships, I like to take care of beings, especially in the wish that everyone can be the best version of themselves. Through the Dharma teachings I find many answers and keys to advance on this path, accompanying precious examples such as Lama and members of the Sangha.
Upasika Jigten Drolma
Upasika Jigten DrolmaResponsable des lampes à beurre et aide administrative pour TNG-SUISSE®
Attracted by Buddhism since the end of my adolescence, fears nevertheless prevented me from asking for refuge when I met Lama Gelong Sangyay Tendzin, in 2014. But thanks to the patience and generosity of Lama, I began on the path of Dharma in 2019. After looking in humanitarian work and my profession as a druggist for ways to relieve suffering, I finally found the possibility of acting, on my own small level, for the good of all beings. And it also (above all) involves moments of self-realization, which are sometimes difficult but which allow you to make unimaginable leaps. We are carried away, we also relapse but everything is there to move us forward: the Master, the Teachings, and the Sangha. Listening, studying and practicing the Dharma punctuate my days and weeks while sharing this precious time with my professional life.
Upasika Karma Yangzom
Upasika Karma YangzomSecrétaire de l'Association TNG-SUISSE® depuis 2019
After a 6-month humanitarian trip to Africa, my return to Switzerland was chaotic. A deeper, inner search was necessary for me. I found a foothold by taking refuge shortly after returning to familiar territory. The Dharma teachings, which I practice daily, help me to have a clearer and fairer vision of the world around me. At the request of Venerable Lama Sangyay Tendzin, I assume the role of secretary of TNG-SUISSE® and help, among other things, in drafting the minutes during Committee meetings. I like to bring my energy within the sangha during the monthly activities and various events that we organize.
Karma Tsöndrü Lhamo
Karma Tsöndrü LhamoCouture et retouche pour TNG-SUISSE®
I am lucky to be the mother of three children and grandmother of two grandchildren. I discovered Buddhism out of curiosity and also thanks to Upasika Dechen Zangmo, my daughter. I then took refuge in May 2010 with Lama Sangyay Tendzin. Since then, I have followed the lessons according to my availability, because currently my health journey is very chaotic. I do my best and the feedback is beneficial to me.
Karma Gakyi Dechen
Karma Gakyi DechenTrésorière de l'Association TNG-SUISSE® depuis 2013
My life journey is a patchwork full of color. As a child, I fell in love with the sewing machine. However, I grew up in other horizons, including that of travel which allowed me to learn German, English and Spanish. Combining business with pleasure, I spent a few years in Peru where I worked as a volunteer in a sewing workshop. Later, the most extraordinary adventure was becoming a mother. I am happy and filled with gratitude towards my two little everyday masters. But it was above all the meeting with Lama Sangyay Tendzin that allowed me to establish my deep connection with life. I was able to develop my knowledge thanks to the very rich and varied teachings that Lama gives us with all his heart.
Karma Dechen Zangmo
Karma Dechen ZangmoMembre de l'association TNG-SUISSE®

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