Group meditation

“Kindness, clarity, compassion and wisdom are beneficial qualities necessary to achieve our full potential. They are an integral part of the teachings transmitted by the Buddha to achieve enlightenment. Aren't we all looking for a state of lasting happiness that is free from artifice? To do this, we need to let go of the self-centered grasping that constantly fuels the many conflicting emotions that hampers our mental quiescence. Only a sustained practice of meditation can do this. »

Lama Sangyay Tendzin

In order to let go of this egocentric grasp, group meditation practice sessions are held on Friday mornings at the TNG Center. According to the auspicious days of the Tibetan calendar, other practices take place during the week. These practices allow us to come together and allow an energy of love and compassion to mature within us, allowing those who wish to open up to awakened qualities and integrate them into their daily lives. Engaging in group practices is a highly effective method that facilitates transformation of the mind, inspiring the development of an altruistic awareness essential to achieving a positive, stable and happy mind.

Access to the agenda by clicking here.

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